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An enterprise of The Hiland Group, Hiland Realty Private Limited is among the fastest growing, customer centric real estate company in Southern India.

Since its inception in 2007, Hiland Realty, has seen a dramatic transition in its net worth to $30 Million. Employing 50 plus personnel with 4 rapidly appreciated projects served over 500 delightful customers, we have carved a niche with at least 40% referrals 'Bounded by Trust'.

We are currently conceptualizing a 300-acre World's 1st Green Integrated Township in Bengaluru, Karnataka, signifying our commitment for innovation attuned with societal obligation.

Delivering at most satisfaction and an unwavering dedication for transparency in dealings and ethical norms of business conduct. Each Hilander is Bounded by Trust.

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Close to a decade ago before its incorporation, the founding members of Hiland Realty Private Limited exclusively developed and sold properties for other firms in the industry. Through its history, Hiland has been a respected, real estate company in Bangalore. We have always been committed to provide at most satisfaction and an unwavering dedication toward transparency in dealings and ethical norms of business conduct.

This is delivered through the kind of service, value for relation towards customer as well as an Hilander, and business culture followed by us. The management team has enhanced the community and profession by serving in many regional capacities

Not just be a leader but to lead by example. Minimize the gap between the government regulations, the builders and the customers and be a better system in itself.

To garner highest number of individual customers ever by a firm in the Real Estate industry

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